Today, the world is abuzz about chatbots and its benefits in enhancing customer experience. Chatbots are used to answer customer queries and perform tasks like ticket booking, appointment fixing etc.

Though chatbots have been here for years, recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have taken them to new heights. As a result, chatbots are used almost in all industries. From ecommerce to health care, almost all sectors embrace chatbots as the key for improving customer experience.

If you are looking to build your own chatbot, here are the top 4 ways to build a better, smarter chatbots than your competitors.

Integrate AI and Machine Learning into your Chatbot

Though Human brain is good at many things, machines are better at things like calculations, pulling up quick information, etc. Moreover, the labor is pretty cheap since bots doesn’t need to make minimum wage. If you are wondering where to start, build a chatbot that quickly addresses customer queries or transfers them to a customer care executive who can help with more complex queries.

Integrate your Chatbot into Customer’s Lives

Customers appreciate chatbots that are already integrated into social media platforms like Facebook, slack etc. You should keep this in mind while creating a chatbot for your company. Think of a way to integrate your chatbot seamlessly into customers’ lives. Whether you integrate it directly in your company’s app or other popular third-party apps, you need to go where your customers already are.

Pick the Right Platform

When it comes to platforms for building chatbots, there is no dearth of options available today. If you’re having trouble finding a good third party company to make your chatbot, we can help you build it with the right platform. Some of the most popular platforms include Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik etc. To pick the right platform for your chatbot, think about what your customers already use. If majority of your customers primarily use Facebook, consider using Facebook Messenger platform for building your bot. As mentioned earlier, you should choose a platform where your customers already are.

Save Money with your Chatbot

With Chatbots, you can automate tasks. This frees up human resources you can use for some other tasks. How great it would be, if your appointment schedules are automated? Before building a Chatbot, you must think of your business and figure out where you can automate things with it. By this way, you can save money and resources with chatbots.


Smarter Chatbots can help automate tasks thereby saving your money. It also offers a richer experience to your customers. Make sure to choose a chatbot platform your customers already use, and you’ll find improved brand loyalty and customer experience. Need help with chatbot development? Contact us, we are happy to help you build a smarter chatbot than your competitors.