Today, smartphones have become ubiquitous and there are around 2 billion active smartphone users in the world. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, thanks to the convenience and functionalities it offers

Smartphones and mobile apps have literally transformed our lives. From shopping to ticket booking, apps have simplified our lives to a large extent. Mobile Apps are also making many people rich too. Today, countless number of startups around the world are developing thousands of mobile apps. How do these startups come up with new app ideas and can you do it too?

You don’t have to be an IT expert or a technology wizard to come up with a successful app idea. All you need to do is to understand user’s needs and how it can be fulfilled with today’s mobile technology. Eventually, you should come up with something innovative that will entice your customers to buy and use your app.

Understand problems faced by users

User experience and satisfaction will make or break a mobile app. The most popular apps are the ones that make life easier for the users. Even a simple file explorer app can help you organize all your photos and files. Think of the problems that you or your friends are facing on a regular basis, whether it’s finding something or forgetting something. Then think of a way by which your smartphone can help on your problem.

Focus on Problem solving

For developing a new mobile app, the first thing you need to know is that you don’t need a business or startup idea for building an app. There are thousands of apps that are just developed to solve a problem or to provide entertainment. Initially, you should focus on solving a key problem faced by the end user rather than making money. When your app has solution to major problems faced by the end users, then users will automatically start using your app.

Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming brings new perspectives and ideas for your app. In fact, several mobile app ideas are a product of this brainstorming activity. Brainstorm with your family or friends and express your viewpoints for your app and ask for their ideas.


You will get plenty of mobile app ideas when you do proper research. You should not skip the research part as it is most essential part of ideation. Proper research will not only help you get new ideas but also help you gain market knowledge.

Be specific

Focusing on a narrower subject for your app will not limit your app’s appeal rather it will make your app much easier to find when users perform a very specific search. For example, an app about a specific product type instead of general. Focusing on a specific subject will help your app stand out in a long list of apps that are about the same subject as yours.

Final Thoughts

Mobiles app need not necessarily be a money making machine, it is about providing solution to a problem or offering fun and entertainment to the end user. Keep these things in mind and you will eventually end up building the next Pokémon Go or Uber app. Got a few mobile app ideas? Or Want to create an app for your business? Contact us at and we will do the rest for you.