When it comes to programming, there is no dearth of options that are available today. jQuery is a concise cross-browser JavaScript library which is used to simplify HTML scripting.

jQuery is a ready-to-use JavaScript library having several visual functions such as ease-in, ease-out effects. These useful features make it one of the most preferred choices for web designers. With jQuery, you can do almost any kind of effects and animation on your website. It is also SEO friendly and cross browser compliant.

Various plugins like Pop-up Boxes, Image Slider, Content Slider etc., makes the Web designer’s job easier as all they have to do is to customize the jQuery plugin to match the design.Some of the benefits of jQuery are listed below

Ease of use

The main advantage of using jQuery is that it is a lot more easy to use when compared to other JavaScript libraries. Apart from simple syntax, JQuery also requires much less code to attain the same feature in comparison to other JavaScript libraries.

Wide range of plugins

jQuery has a wide range of plugins which are all over the internet. Some of these free plugins offer high-quality visual appearance when compared to others. This abundance of plugins helps developers to create special effects more quickly.

Cross Browser Compatible

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library since it works in all browsers. Moreover, it is easy to implement for web developers in comparison to other applications. jQuery helps make web pages more interactive, simple, and user-friendly.

SEO Friendly

Everything in jQuery is text based which means it is completely readable by all search engines, exposing keyword rich content. Though some jQuery effects are almost identical to Flash, the major advantage of jQuery is that it be can be optimized in terms of SEO.


jQuery is a wonderful tool to add a bit of excitement to your website without compromise! For beginners, jQuery is easy-to-learn and use. In addition to this, jQuery basic syntax script offers a wide selection of animation effects by default. You can easily choose an animation effect of your choice that would greatly fit your website.