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Android Instant Apps made headlines last year in May 2016, when Google announced it soon after launching Android Nougat 7.0. Now, Android Instant Apps is set to transform the entire app landscape.

Android app developers has so much to learn, explore, experiment and implement in the source code of their apps if they wish to reap the full benefits of Android Instant Apps.


Android Instant Apps are smart subsets of an Android app that provides fully functional app interface in webview to users without the need for downloading the app.

When a user searches for an Android Instant App in Google Play Store, only the desired code of the app runs in the browser allowing users to easily access the app in webview by simply following the web search link from the app search results page. Users can get to the desired app page with just one click, without even downloading the complete app.
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To take full advantage of Android Instant App, android app developers should amend the source code as per the new norms set by Google. Background processes are highly important in Android Instant App, which include accessing unique device identifiers like Serial number, IMEI, Mac Address and push notifications.

Android Instant App is said to bridge the gap between the mobile web and the android app, creating a WIN-WIN situation for both users as well as the Android developers.

Currently, the testing of the Android Instant Apps has begun with apps like Buzzfeed, Periscope, Viki and Wish. As time progress, more Android apps will be a part of Android Instant Apps concept before Google officially launches it for the public use.
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Android Instant Apps has lot of benefits to offer for both the end users as well as the app developers. Here’s how this latest concept from Google can be a game-changer in the app world.

    • Easy accessibility

With Android Instant Apps, users can access app features by simply clicking on the app link, which then redirects to the app page in the browser itself. This would make the whole process extremely quick and easy as users won’t have to search and install the app from the play store. Instead, a simple click can do the needful.

    • Increased Storage space

Since users can enjoy the Android instant app in webview without downloading the entire app; users can save a lot of storage space in their smartphones which would have been occupied by apps.

    • Enhanced performance

Android instant app consumes only small amount of RAM and storage resources, thus users can experience smooth performance. It also runs on very little hardware resources thereby making the whole app experience free from glitches or lag.


Android Instant Apps concept is in early stages of development and the final acceptance rate is yet to come from both Android app development companies as well as from the marketers. We are yet to see the full potential of Android Instant Apps once it completes the testing and becomes available for the people to use. For any queries related to Android Instant Apps, kindly contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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