You will be reminded of Big Hero 6 while you think of Zenbo.

In today’s highly competitive market, every company is trying their best to make the next big thing in smart home space. Asus, a well-known manufacturer of laptops, tablets and smartphones has launched its very first smart companion robot known as Zenbo.

Zenbo is basically a Google Home on wheels which can be a smart home manager, hands-free kitchen assistant, security guard, and family photographer.

What kind of things can the Zenbo do?

Zenbo can recognize members of your family and seek them out in the home; informs about doctor's appointments, medication, and even exercise schedules; tell stories, play music and videos for kids thanks to the integrated AI.

Furthermore, you can login into personal accounts by inputting passwords with voice commands. It can also take pictures of you like an autonomous selfie stick. Zenbo comes with a built-in stereo sound system, that can play favorite songs and it can even dance along with the music.

It can also monitor and notify specified family members in the house in case of any emergency situation, such as a fall. Those who respond to the Zenbo’s notification can control it and make it move close to the fallen family member and use its camera to take a closer look.

Zenbo’s most exciting feature is its ability to connect and control other smart home devices which will prove useful in future. This feature could make it the future hub of smart home devices, if Asus can get sufficient manufacturers for creating integrations with Zenbo. Apart from the above mentioned things, Zenbo can also respond to queries like Google Now or Siri.


Asus has opened a free Zenbo Developer Program that gives developers access to the Zenbo Software Development Kit (SDK) and a library to help create innovative apps for Zenbo. Putting privacy issues aside, it is widely expected that in another 4-5 years, companion robots like Zenbo will become part of our everyday life similar to today’s smartphones.