Imagine your business needs a Mobile App, you need something that will help you bring value to your customers, employees and stakeholders, where will you start? Below are areas that we think are critical for anyone deciding to build/create an App that is going to impact their business.

Outsourcing mobile app development process brings a number of benefits to the company. In this smartphone era, most of the businesses are investing heavily in mobile and related technologies to attract and engage users onto their platforms. Nowadays, smartphone users are spending about half an hour each day only on using mobile apps. This latest trend of using mobile apps for an extended period of time is said to redefine the burgeoning mobile app industry.

Most people spend their time on various mobile applications like news, games, shopping and social networking etc. This tremendous growth of mobile app industry is due to the fact that many companies now rely on mobile apps to interact with their customers. Thus it is essential for the companies to spend heavily on mobile apps in order to gain market share.

Outsourcing mobile app development brings numerous advantages to the company like time-saving and reducing development challenges. By outsourcing mobile app development, companies can turn their focus on their core business rather than breaking their head over the administration and supervising of app development within the company (in-house app development).

Here is the list of top five reasons to outsource the mobile app development:


Mobile App development requires a wide range of components which needs to be incorporated flawlessly to complete the development process in time. Many App development companies have several years of knowledge in app development, business knowledge, and other things in local as well as global market. Along with this, the outsourcing company can decide whether to outsource a portion of the development process or the whole process.

To give you a glimpse, an App has a Front End, Back End each of which can run on different technologies, frameworks. How do you decide on which one to choose? Which of these would satisfy the objectives you need to achieve?


The important factor for the success of any outsourcing mobile app development firm is its capability to gather data about the intended customers and the industry. Piloting a detailed market study in addition to using existing intelligence is the key to success in the mobile app industry In-depth market research like this allows app development firms to decide the ideal method to deliver better results. The Development agency acts as an external consultant, helping you build a solution that is designed to overcome the pain points currently being experienced.

Understanding your user needs, building an interface that gets them to reach the objective in the fewest clicks possible, while in the background the application talks to other parts of code to get the necessary output within milliseconds.


Outsourcing mobile app development has the major advantage when it comes to financing. For any company, one of the foremost concern prior to building a mobile app is the funds required for the app development process. This is why the companies are always on the lookout for app solutions that fulfil their requirements at lower prices.

Nowadays, the typical cost of any app development ranges from $150,000–450,000 of which the design of infrastructure and features accounts for nearly 50% of the total budget. In the case of outsourcing, the cost of app development reduces dramatically and the total cost ranges between $10,000–80,000. The rates may vary according to varying hourly rates and it permits the company to effectively use the venture capital. This kind of cost-benefit is good for startups that have limited funding.

The advantage of not having to manage large teams, getting the outsourced partner giving you updates via daily stand up meetings, weekly reviews ensures you are in control. It is like having an extended technology arm helping you out.


In addition to cost benefits, outsourcing mobile app development also offers effective resource management. Startup entrepreneurs can turn their focus on the main business aspects. Enabling core proficiencies increases the probability and thereby mutually benefiting the outsourcing company and the app development firm.

If you are focusing on building the next 100 users, getting your marketing & sales to explore your target market with your new App, while your outsourced partner works to deliver the App as you want in time.


In all kinds of app development process, there is an interaction between several aspects at each and every phase of the development process. In order to address this, app development companies offer end-to-end services from the beginning stages of the development process to technical support.

Mobile app industry is rapidly increasing at an incredible pace which offers abundant opportunities for companies to grow. According to an Extract report, the number of app development firms worldwide in 2016 stands at 8.7 million, of which Asia houses 7, 60,000 firms.

By outsourcing the app development, the companies can effectively focus their strategies to turn into ‘mobile-first’. Thus, outsourcing the app development process is beneficial for both the companies and app development firms.

Companies are running against time to build/ scale their businesses. During these times, App development firms offer the flexibility of getting apps developed in-time for them to launch.

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