IoT (Internet of Things) advancements and its success began with personal devices. IoT devices can literally transform your company’s digital landscape by simplifying tasks and enabling last mile connectivity.

In this digital era, consider how much IoT matters and how it can boost your business. Industry experts predict that IoT is going to influence our daily life in a substantial way.


AWS IoT (Amazon internet of things) is basically an Amazon Web Services platform that gathers and evaluates huge amounts of data from various internet-connected devices and sensors that are connected to AWS cloud. It can collect data from thousands of IoT devices and use this data for other AWS tools and services.

AWS IoT has brought the pay-per-use model of cloud to the cloud computing market. It offers various levels of computing power and storage space at affordable prices.

AWS IoT Architecture

AWS IoT was built on a lightweight protocol known as MQTT architecture. MQTT communicates with a message broker or the Device Gateway that sends specific messages to clients based on their subscription.

Empowering the enterprise IoT

AWS IoT delivers significant gains for professionals and the enterprises both in terms of money and time. AWS IoT along with the Amazon cloud saves organizations from building and managing their own infrastructure and also enables them to focus on core competencies that improve customer experience.


The main USP of AWS IoT is its flexibility to do new things. For example, developers can program the buttons according to their needs (manufacturers could use it to control smart devices). AWS IoT can be programmed to respond to different kinds of inputs which would allow the buttons to perform a variety of functions.


While most companies are focusing on selling home automation hardware to customers which is quickly becoming a crowded space, Amazon is trying to sell lucrative IoT hosting services with AWS IoT.

According to analysts, the size of the smart home market is expected to grow over $59 billion by 2020, and companies like Amazon that can control how customers interact with all those home automation devices are poised to benefit a lot. Amazon has found a new niche in IoT market by trying to sell AWS IoT services by giving away Alexa (intelligent personal assistant) for free with it.