Automation isn’t just a gimmick that many companies use to make their clients feel better. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining traction with multiple new platforms cropping up from unexpected corners.

According to a recent study by Gleanster, about 90% of companies use automation software, regularly and periodically, for large-volume email campaigns.

Artificial intelligence is the best solution to all the problems faced in automated lead generation software. AI will make personalization extremely easier and account-based marketing into realities.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help?

AI can quickly gather customer data at a very large scale and sorts them to build associations like a human brain does.

With this data, AI can generate rich profiles of each of the individual customers thereby bringing in far better leads for the sales.

AI can also provide real-time insights into customer behaviours and recommends customized content to drive personalized digital experiences for your prospects and customers.

Benefits of Using AI in Automated Lead Generation

Real-time Personas

Real-time personas are generated by AI by tracking and analyzing data based on customer behaviour. These personas are far more effective as they are built on real and observable data.

Lead Identification

Artificial intelligence can identify good leads and recommends the best suitable touch points for each prospect. The efficiency of AI increases with time; the more time it spends with the prospect, the more accurate the personalization becomes.

Effective Lead Generation

AI can provide better quality of leads at much lower cost, making lead generation process far more targeted and effective.

Reduces Response Time

AI can drastically reduce response time as AI-powered lead automation software responds with personalized emails almost instantly by understanding the customer’s context and needs.

Apart from these, you can also get rid of expensive sales automation programming and administration with AI, thereby reducing the overall cost per lead.

Final Thoughts

Integrating an AI into your lead automation software is so easy that all you have to do is set (train) it and forget it. This frees up a lot of time and effort. Companies from different verticals are already effectively executing AI in several aspects. Adopting Artificial intelligence is the new normal, whether your focus is on lead generation or customer retention, lead automation technology has the power to keep your prospects engaged.