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Today, Baidu has been the top performer amongst the Chinese internet titans as they race up to capture market share in the fast-evolving Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Much like Google and Amazon, Baidu uses adaptive learning and neural networks in their core services to bring innovation.

From finance to healthcare, advanced AI technologies like deep learning and machine learning are being used to increase business prospects and customer satisfaction across industries. Much like Google, Baidu’s core service is also search. Baidu accounts for 75% of search traffic in its homeland China. Baidu has rolled out machine learning algorithms and natural language processing for improving search results. Here, take a look at how well Baidu uses AI and Machine learning.

Advancements in technology and computing power of today’s computers have helped data mining techniques evolve for use in machine learning. For example, neural networks are being used in data mining applications for years. With the help of more computing power, you can build neural networks with several layers. In machine learning, these are termed as deep neural networks. Increased computing power is the key to enabling automated learning in neural networks. Here, read more about advancements in technologyand its impact on our day-to-day life

DevOps is essential to ensure agility and continuous delivery of product in line with customer demands without compromising quality. DevOps is all about ensuring that your business can release products at a speed that meets your customer’s needs and that each release delivers quality.

Digital transformation is essential for every industry vertical, and applications play a vital role in differentiating between the winners and losers. To build a successful application, an effective strategy is important. DevOps is the right strategy for creating successful applications. It brings all the business teams together with a collective aim of delivering higher quality applications quicker.

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