With the advent of AI and machine learning, we have witnessed several new smart devices and apps. Intelligent Apps are built using machine-learning technology in which existing and real-time data is used to make predictions and decisions. With this data, Intelligent Apps can offer rich, interactive and personalized experience to the end users.

Google, Bing, Spotify, Netflix etc., are some of the examples of many intelligent apps. Machine learning has been the heart of this intelligent apps ecosystem.

Future of Intelligent Apps and its underlying business opportunities

Every successful app built today should be intelligent as it has become a norm nowadays. Today, we are familiar with multitude of chatbots and virtual assistants which makes our day-to-day life easier.

From personalized recommendations on shopping sites to software that detects cyber security threats; intelligent apps continuously learn and improve the user experience. Thus, even legacy applications are also increasingly modified to compete with the evolving intelligent app ecosystem.

If you are looking to develop apps, this is the right time to invest in the Intelligent Apps as this trend is expected to continue for the next couple of years. Moreover, there is availability of massive computational power and low-cost storage today

Since the intelligent app ecosystem is still in the initial stage, the process of speculating and manipulating data source with machine learning techniques is much easier. Intelligent apps can do one or more of the following things

Understands user needs

Intelligent apps pay close attention to our selections and behavior/ interactions, thereby predicting what we need. With sound understanding of our needs, these smart apps will not wait for us to search something; instead, they will provide us with solutions to our potential problems

Proactive response and Task Automation

Apart from acting on our behalf, intelligent apps can help set up customized commands for different services. These apps offer rich, interactive and personalized experience to the end users. For example, these apps can prioritize emails or schedule a day.

Things to consider while building an intelligent App

As you might be well-aware by now that data play a vital role in enhancing the intelligence of these apps. It is essential to accumulate a large data sets in order to accelerate the chances of effectively using Machine Learning and AI in your App.

Concentrate more on the user experience that you want to deliver and how Machine Learning can be used in an appropriate way to offer awesome user experience.


Few years from now on, almost all the apps will be intelligent. In all these apps, Machine learning will play a crucial role similar to the role played by cloud technology today. Startups and large enterprises that are investing and adopting intelligent app ecosystem should focus on providing compelling user experience. Intelligent app ecosystem has immense opportunities for both startups and large Enterprises alike.