Internet of Things is an emerging tech and it is growing at an rapid pace. By 2020, Internet-connected devices would become part of our lives similar to today’s smartphones. Internet of Things could help offices become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

From coffee machines to cars everything will be connected to the internet. Continuous data transfer and feedback allows these everyday items to become more responsive. Smart sensors in IoT devices can automatically switch off heating and lighting systems when office rooms are unoccupied. Moreover, smart meters can help save electricity.

Take a look at how using the Internet of Things could make your office greener and ecological.

Effective e-waste management

Currently, only limited options are available to effectively manage e-wastes. IoT can help effectively manage e-waste. As you upgrade to the latest smartphone, computers, and other devices, a lot of electronic waste gets filled up in the landfills.

According to recent estimates, about $52 billion could be recovered each year by proper recycling of electronic products.

Smart Energy Systems

Connected devices can make a real difference in energy consumption of your office. Internet-connected smart energy systems enable more efficient use of energy thereby saving power and money.

These Internet-connected Smart energy systems are similar to home energy management systems like Nest and can be used in combination with security systems for more precise, safe remote monitoring of the environment.

Real-time supply chain management

With IoT devices in place, employees can be notified as soon as a machine is in need of repair. Moreover, individual products can be tracked in real time by using in-built sensors. This helps manage issues in the supply chain.

Instead of halting the whole operation, data collected from IoT devices can be used to prevent problems before it occurs. This saves time and money while also creating a more efficient workplace.


By using smart technologies like Internet of Things, we can achieve a whole new level of sustainability for businesses of any size. Through real-time autonomous tracking, inventory management, and smart recycling of products, a large chunk of waste can be reduced or removed completely. All of this makes the office a lot greener than it was earlier.