LoRa is like (Radio Signals) that can be received over large areas/ geographies. Does it bring memories of Viki (Main Computer) controlling all other robots in the movie i-Robot?

In another 10-20 years, IoT devices will become widespread across all industries transforming our lives. IoT devices have so far mostly run on the same networks and protocols like Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth etc., that support our Internet and mobile communications. However, smart internet connected devices have different network requirements than those of computers, phones or tablets.

This is where technologies like LoRa come into play. Remote sensors and smart machines often send small packets of data to connect in areas away from the traditional infrastructure and power supply.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is a Long Range communication technology that uses unlicensed spectrum below 1GHz to provide signal detection below the noise level. It is specifically developed for IoT devices which require low power and wide area network coverage. It is a unique wireless communication technology which allows sending data at extremely low data-rate to long ranges.

Benefits of LoRa for IoT:

Higher range of coverage

LoRa has wide range coverage and can be used in faraway rural areas. Moreover, LoRa is good in both building and ground penetration. This allows quick access to the devices that are located far away.

Lower cost and Environment-friendly

A single LoRa base station can be used for a large number of IoT devices which immensely reduces upfront infrastructure costs. This allows cities and villages to become more environmentally friendly. In terms of efficiency and installation of smart parking meters, and traffic signals in cities, LoRa significantly reduces radiation emission, decreases high traffic.

Wide range of applications

LoRa has a wide range of applications ranging from utility metering, to longer distance industrial and environmental sensor networks. Moreover, it is not platform specific which means it can work with any microcontrollers or computers with Raspberry PI, Arduino etc.

High Efficiency and better productivity

LoRa is highly power efficient. You can transmit data from places that cover a huge area and automate most of the manual tasks for better productivity and lower manpower. LoRa technology also has encryption to make sure the network is fully secured.


IoT is growing at an incredible pace and wireless communication technologies like LoRa holds the key to the success of IoT. As more and more companies start adopting technologies like LoRa, IoT devices will become more secure, power efficient and useful than ever before.