When we talk about process automation, the first thing that strikes our mind is increased efficiency and improved productivity. Process Automation can certainly help an organization to do more with fewer resources. Moreover, it also increases the visibility of overall production process thereby freeing up even more time to focus on crucial business matters.

Many fear that automation technology may take over the jobs of humans. However, automation tools work best when employees are allowed to focus on complex tasks instead of menial tasks. Here are some of the ways by which process automation can benefit your business.

Improved Resource Management

Process Automation helps distribute information seamlessly across the organization. For example, you can automatically create a quote for a new project and invoice it from the same system. This stores all the project data in the same place.

Process Automation ensures that the information is automatically sent, keeping your data up-to-date, and preventing your team from spending a lot of time looking for it. It also greatly reduces processing errors and prevents tasks from being missed or completed incorrectly.

Improved Communication

When data is spread across various systems or isn’t up-to-date, it’s hard to find the revenant information you need. This may hamper your brand value or customer experience.

When customers call and ask for any information, they may experience poor customer service if they have to wait for a long period of time. Automation simplifies the communications between different departments of the organization.

Process Automation provides easy access to information about past client interactions and project status reports to the whole team. By this, anyone in the team can answer the questions asked by the client.

Improved Processes

Process automation allows your employees to focus on more critical tasks. Humans can only work on one thing at a time while software can be programmed to run numerous tasks simultaneously inside a process. Process automation needs advanced planning of specific workflows and processes. Once it is done, it can help establish consistency and efficiency within the business operations.

How Process Automation Helps Businesses?

To give you a glimpse of how Process Automation can help your business, here is an example.


Buffer is a popular software application for managing social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Buffer has made business process automation through Zapier! By this, their Hipchat channel automatically gets notifications of new blog posts, comments and Github alerts. Hey, if it works for Buffer, then why not for your company?

Depending on use cases, automation is quite achievable. Even having your emails automatically sent to folders or forwarded is the simple automation being used in everyday life.


Organizations that implement process automation will have an increased growth potential without the need of hiring new employees to accomplish important tasks. Moreover, it can help you scale at an incredible pace by making it easier to accomplish more tasks in less time. So, implement process automation and get better accountability, improved productivity and much more.