As companies grapple with multiple processes, departments - automation is a critical link to build efficiencies of scale. Especially in larger organizations with multiple levels of approvals, paper trails makes it even more important to have processes online to get things done quickly.

Some companies choose to automate specific processes that solve a specific challenge. Once the users adopt to it, they slowly bring in the new processes to other departments, making it a smooth transition.

The base premise that these changes will impact the end customer satisfaction is a motivating factor for the organization.Lets look at areas where automation helps you win customers.

Improved Resource Management

Process Automation helps distribute information seamlessly across all the departments of the company. For example, you can automatically create a quote for a new project and invoice it from the same system. This will help you store all the project data in the same place.

Process Automation automatically sends information thereby keeping your data up-to-date, and preventing your team from spending a lot of time looking for it. It also reduces processing errors and prevents tasks from being missed or completed incorrectly.

One of the simplest examples is the google spreadsheet. Remember earlier days, you would send xl sheets back and forth with multiple version changes and then look for the final version. Google spreadsheets redefined the way people could collaborate on something as simple as a spreadsheet, saving hours for everyone.

Improved Communication

When data is spread across various systems or isn’t up-to-date, it’s hard to find the relevant information you need on-time. This may hamper your brand value or customer experience.

When customers are made to wait for a long period during service calls, it results in poor customer service. With Automation coordination between different departments follows a structured process and captures the interactions.

With tools like Trello, ASANA, Slack the communication between people, departments are transparent. They act as enablers to keep everyone updated in the system on current updates, tasks assigned etc.

Improved Processes

Process Automation allows your employees to focus on more critical tasks rather than searching for customer info. We Humans can only work on one thing at a time but Automation software can be programmed to run numerous tasks simultaneously. With AI, companies are able to have a virtual workforce that can handle multiple inquiries, while ensuring quality of information is consistent.


Buffer is a popular software application for managing social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Buffer has made business process automation through Zapier! By this, their Hipchat channel automatically gets notifications of new blog posts, comments and Github alerts. Hey, if it works for Buffer, then why not for your company?

Final thoughts

There are several automation tools available for social media as the volume of posts have multiplied 1000 fold. In a recent survey it was found that twitter has about 25% tweets which are automated.

We have helped companies build custom automation tools for their operations, fleet and logistics. In our experience we found that every company has different set of requirements. We are open to discussing your process needs and help overcome your business challenges.