Looking for a right app platform to build your next app? If you are, then you are on right track as it is one of the most important decisions to take when building your app.

When it comes to app development, there is no dearth of options available today. Should you build native mobile apps or cross-platform solutions? Today, Android and iOS are the dominant players in the mobile operating system. Which one to choose from Android or iOS?

Like these, there may be several questions that might have landed you on our page. Here are some tips to choose the right app platform to build your next mobile app.

What do you want to achieve?

You need to be clear on how your App is going to help your users. Is this app a business App? Do you have a revenue generation model in mind? Will you allow in-app purchases? Will you be targeting Advertising revenue? These questions can help you brainstorm with your team on putting down parameters that you need to be aware of.

Understand your target audience

The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing an app platform is your target audience. At the end of the day, customers are the ones who are going to use the app. So, do some extensive research and understand your target audience. Pay close attention to demographics and platforms used in that region. What kind of apps do they use most often. What gets them hooked to specific apps etc. Will customers pay you for the app? What would be the monetization method if it's going to be a free app?

App features

If you want to build an app with advanced features, you should examine the various platforms to identify the best option that suits your business. Understanding about each platform and its capabilities can help you prepare for the future as well. Do you need the App on all platforms? Do your users flock a single platform and that is where you want to begin?

Development Cost

After considering the above-mentioned factors, another important factor you should focus on is the cost of development. Can you make money from your Mobile app? Write once and run everywhere is a perfect cost effective solution in some cases but it might prove to be costly in others. If you want to make money from your app, consider popular app platforms like Android and iOS which are having large user base.

Device compatibility

Both Android and iOS require different strategies. Considering the differences between these top platforms, it’s a tough task to adapt an app for each gadget. Device compatibility testing helps enhance customer satisfaction as it verifies whether the app works as expected on all platforms. Choose the right platform which is compatible with your intended devices. Keep in mind, you need to have version updates for specific platforms once in awhile to keep the Apps compatible.


You need to plan on support once the App is deployed for future updates and version updates. Make use of the update notices properly and ensure timely updates. When a user notices updates being available for your app but if the update description just reads bug fixes, then the user is less likely to download the update.


While there are many more aspects to consider while picking a right platform, the above-mentioned factors are the most important ones to consider before picking an app platform. If you are targeting a large user base, native mobile apps would be the best choice. Though every app platform has its own pros and cons, you should consider the above mentioned key points to choose the best platforms that suite your business needs