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In the early days of 21st century, no one could have anticipated the enormous impact of internet and Internet of Things (IoT) on our daily lives. Today, from our shopping to the way we entertain ourselves things have transformed drastically thanks to the growth of IoT. The world of healthcare has also started to witness the change in the form of Healthcare wearables that are based on IoT.

Sharp increase in awareness about health and fitness is the major factor that drives the healthcare users to invest in IoT devices that can avert costly physician and hospital visits. This year alone, several new healthcare startups have received record funding.

The consumerization of the healthcare industry is developing with such rapidity that the entire market is being revamped. Firms that have never before exerted influence in this Internet of Things sector are quickly becoming its major power-brokers. Business models are being redesigned to adapt to the growing influence of data-fueled customers. Unique partnerships are being forged between agile start-ups and established brands to capitalize on this new digital-first world.

Most of these developments in recent times are due to the extraordinary revolution in data which is empowering the lives of millions of people by using Internet of Things devices such as wearables and hand-held devices. With the ‘Internet of Things’ consumers can take control of their own health in an extremely personalized way according to their needs. The major power of IoT is its data analyzing capacity.


Amassed via electronic medical annals, diagnostic information collected through imaging tools, monitors screens and hand-held personal devices – improves the decision-making powers of specialists, also empowers patients to take a more active role in handling their personal health.

Apart from improvising the lives of chronically ill people, these innovations are also transforming the lives of people those who are and want to stay fit.

By the end of the decade, this IoT-based data-rich personalized study of our health will become the norm. People will be provided with appropriate plans to fight disease and IoT devices will assist us to manage our own health. From the data generated by tens of thousands of these devices, we will acquire important info on how to improve our health and to combat illness.

As of now, the challenge that the industry is facing is not just in developing these devices and technologies – but also they should always pay attention to the end users of these IoT devices (customers). IoT healthcare products need to be more meaningful if they are to be scalable and they also need to be simple to use – no matter the place or demographic.

By constant improvisation based on consumer requirements, the tremendous power of the Internet of Things will be fully realized. Countless group of smart connected devices and solutions intended to improve our personal health, environment and productivity through the intelligent use of data will be deployed.

Whether that means enabling us to monitor and control our surrounding air quality or arming physicians with cloud-based tools that let them to ‘consult’ with patients who aren’t even in the same room, or even the same city.

Consumers (ordinary healthy people), patients and those employed in medical works will all need to change their outlooks to take full advantage of this revolution in healthcare by IoT and be provided with pioneering methods to inspire a change in behavior. Soon it will be the IoT technology companies who are capable of offering innovative, highly custom-made solutions that are both meaningful and reliable, which will become our new health advisors.

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