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Has there been a time when a subject needs an urgent review but it cannot be done because you’re stuck in traffic or lack access to your laptop? Mobile learning presents an efficient solution to this particular problem and more. Thanks to technology, apps, eLearningand smartphones which make learning fun and interesting.

For today’s generation, mobile has become a way of life. 47% of the Population thinks gadgets have a positive impact on education. It only makes sense to integrate mobile into as many facets of life as possible. In a business context, there has been a paradigm shift in thought with regards to the acceptance of mobile as a device of communication. This best reflects in the way people socialize.

Yet, when it comes to learning, the industry has stuck to an old-school approach, one that does not resonate with the current generation. A method of learning where change is implemented at a much slower pace is unlikely to satisfy younger learners. That’s precisely the reason why an interactive, efficient and easy to absorb methodology is the need of the hour. Mobile learning or M-learning presents the medium to evolve this methodology.


Mobile has directly impacted the lives of people world over. Statistics show that about 75 percent of Americans who use smartphones report that they frequently catch up on tasks while on the move. In general, people check their mobile devices an average of 50 times a day. These statistics show us the need to go mobile even in a field such as learning which is perceived to be said.

M-Learning brings in easy tracking of information and gives clear progress indication to provide status. Learning with pictures has proven to increase the efficiency of learning and the ability to recall the process. Importantly, M-learning has made navigation a lot easier by removing ambiguity while saving data.


A survey conducted in 2012 on mobile learners shows that 45 percent of mobile users spent less time in training with no loss in comprehension and that mobile learners increase their study time by 40 minutes each week, by studying on the go.

It comes as no surprise then that areas that have incorporated M-learning have shown a significant growth in respective industries. This growth is achieved through quick responses, time management benefits, quality training at a much lower expense of time. A significant advantage that M-learning possesses over older schools of learning is the ability to track progress and reflect status. Evidently, users who prefer mobile learning are 3 times more likely to track their progress. This key feature helps firms and users alike stay on course with the desired time frame.

M-learning, even in its infancy, has already shown that it is an important tool for this generation. A platform such as mobile, which affords users great ease, is an ideal vehicle to facilitate a journey in education. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, for the learning community to set the tone for a future that is richer through learning.

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