Today, mobile apps have become so inherent part of everyday life that the whole world seems to be buzzing to the tune of apps. Since these apps simplify the life and fulfill day-to-day requirements, more and more people are getting engaged in them. That’s the reason why iTune Store and Google Play Store have observed an explosive growth in the number of mobile apps in the past few years. The year 2017 is also expected to be promising from the perspective of mobile apps development. Here is a brief about latest mobile app development trends that’s anticipated in 2017.


1. Augmented Reality (AR) Apps Will Transform The Mobile Industry

In 2016, the entertainment and gaming industries have seen several exciting new entries into the AR, such as myNav, SkySiege, iOnRoad, and Pokemon Go. Although AR is the future, it is still in the nascent phase. AR apps are supposed to be on an all-time high in 2017 as well.

2. IoT & Wearable Apps Are The New Rage

2017 could be a big year for IoT and wearable apps. Most of the enterprises have started clasping IoT (a system of connecting devices using electrical sensors and the Internet) in 2016, and this trend will continue in this year as well.

3. Trend Of M-Commerce Seems To Stay Strong

Customers’ preference to make a purchase via Apple Pay and Google Wallet instead of plastic money is giving a propel to m-commerce. M-commerce payment facility along with wearable devices is likely to skyrocket in 2017.

4. Communication With Customers Will Be Via Interactive Push Notifications

Since the world is moving at a fast pace and the users notice the time-saving element, interactive push notifications will ace in 2017. It lets users respond to messages without opening the app and allows brands to reach their customers with simple and short messages.

5. Integrated Mobile Payment Is Expected To Rock The eCommerce World

In the past few years, there has been a considerable push in the mobile transactions. The integrated payment technology makes the payment process easier and faster. It follows that in 2017, the app stores will witness an increase in bespoke mobile applications, allowing merchants to smooth the progress of mobile payment in a completely secure manner.

6. AMP Is Going To Transform The User Experience

In early 2016, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was integrated into the mobile search listings of the Google. Web pages with AMP coding have high chances of visibility in the mobile web search results. AMP would help businesses augment their conversion rate and considerably reduce the bounce rate.

7. Micro & Enterprise Apps Will Take The Business World

Enterprise apps help manage, streamline, and reform the business processes while micro apps perform much-targeted operations. Both micro and enterprise apps are widely accepted in the business fraternity and this mobile app trend is going to boom in 2017, also in the upcoming years.

8. Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Will Be On The Rise

As per the reports of Cisco, cloud-based apps will drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by the year 2019, and there will be a compound growth of 60% in the mobile cloud traffic, per annum. Considering this fact, it can be expected that 2017 will see powerful mobile apps which occupy minimum space in the internal memory of the smartphone and directly fetch data from the cloud.

9. Big Data Applications Will Be A Big Shout-Out

Taking the bright future and cross-industry potential of big data into account, venture investors are investing assertively in big data startups. In 2017, the focus will be on refining the core big data capabilities of enterprises by improving the functionality of big data apps.


Finish Line

The mobile app development trends in 2017 are obvious to buzz the business world. Hence, making your business thrive and distinguished from competitors will be a tough row to hoe. The only way to stay unvanquished is to follow the trends and embrace latest enterprise mobility solutions in your business.