The use of mobile technology in the supply chain industry began in warehouses and other situations in the distribution channel, where handheld mobile computer were used to enhance pick-up and packing productivity, in addition to providing a hands-free environment for workers. Now days, companies are using multiple mobile devices in conjunction with each other to boost productivity, reduce worker movement, improve customer satisfaction and enhance user experience.


Smart technology has now permeated the supply chain and logistics industry as a result of an increasing number of companies adopting a more universal and convenient way of managing their operations. The reason for this is because smartphones make it possible to access Enterprise Applications to track shipments, view reports, coordinate easily with vendors, etc. Due to the surge in this trend, the number of enterprises developing apps which can be used on a host of smart devices is on the rise. This lets the users track their shipment and receive notifications using real-time data.

Such mobility and flexibility has led to this technology being adapted and installed in various modes of transportation. It has the ability to help vehicle operators and organizations to:

  • Track mileage
  • Measure driver/field worker performance
  • Interact with back-end systems (e.g. CRM – customer relationship management, payroll, etc.)
  • Manage scheduling and routing
  • Hours of service (HOS)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Overall vehicle maintenance


Through the course of the two blogs a lot was said about how all the stakeholders of the logistics industry would benefit from the use of mobile technology. However, the matter of fact is that most of the enterprise mobility app developers merely fulfill the client’s requirement and do not analyze the business environment to arrive at appropriate and sustainable solutions. Therefore, it is important that companies choose a research oriented app Development Company.

Another reason to be cautious while selecting an app developer is because only a staggering ten percent of the companies have been able to achieve the ROI in the logistics domain. A majority of the companies employing the mobility in logistics do not have the right metrics to measure its effectiveness. A proficient app developer will ensure the development of the most suitable and beneficial mobile solution.

While there are plenty of benefits to be reaped, it takes the right skill to make it count.