The tech world is abuzz these days about chatbots. Chatbots are automated computer programs that simulate online conversations with humans to answer queries or perform specific tasks like ticket booking, flight booking etc.

Though chatbots have been around for years, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made them more versatile than ever. Today, chatbots are used almost in all industries. From ecommerce to travel, almost all companies embrace chatbots as the key for improving customer experience.

Different Types of Chatbots that are Available Today

Today, chatbots come in different functionalities. There are mainly two types of chatbots, first types of chatbots are specifically designed to for business purposes, and these chatbots are usually found in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

Another type of chatbots are customer oriented platforms. This includes the likes of Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon's Echo and Alexa. These chatbots help users find useful information and other needs all in one place without the need for interacting with various brands.

Chatbots in consumer facing businesses

These type of chatbots are Messaging based and provide users with basic communications, ecommerce features, ticket booking and more. They are more widely used by brands to drive sales, especially among younger customers. Chatbots have the potential to influence buying decisions of customers thereby increasing sales for the company. These types of chatbots are called as business bots. They are nothing but text based services through which users can order products, schedule meetings, book flights etc. Amazon's Echo, for example has created a wave of conversational commerce, making it easy for customers to ask for what they want simply through voice commands.

Chatbots in other industrial Applications

Today chatbots are most widely used for managing customer queries, but chatbots have other potential applications too. Some companies are using chatbots to evaluate applicants during interviews example, Mya chatbot. Chatbots are used for conducting first stage interview process. They handle interview process by posing appropriate questions to candidates and evaluate answers quickly.

Final Thoughts

Today businesses must embrace chatbots as a major factor for improving sales and customer experience. Consumers today are spending more time on the social messaging apps than in social media platforms. Thus, if you want to grow your business online, it is essential to be present in messaging platforms where there are majority of customers are interacting daily.

Interested in chatbots? Don’t know where to start with? Keep calm and contact us. We will help you design a spectacular chatbot for your business that will keep your customers hooked onto your products or services.