In today's digital age, there is no dearth of options when it comes to high speed data communication but none of them meet the communication standards of the sensors and control devices. For achieving the communication standards of sensors, there should be low-latency and low-energy consumption even at lower bandwidths.

Zigbee wireless communication technology offers excellent features that are best suited for embedded applications, home automation etc., at a lower cost and lower power consumption.


So, what exactly is Zigbee?

Zigbee wireless technology is the low-cost and low-powered mesh network widely used for controlling and monitoring applications. Zigbee communication system is less expensive and simpler than the other proprietary short-range wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Due to its advantages like low cost and low power operating modes and its topologies, Zigbee wireless communication technology is best suited for several applications as compared to other proprietary wireless communication technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.

Top 4 applications of Zigbee Wireless Technology:

Home Automation:

Nowadays tech conglomerates are betting big on home automation services with their offering like Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc. Zigbee wireless technology is perfectly suited for controlling home appliances remotely as a surveillance system, lighting control system, appliance control system, safety systems and so on.

Industrial Automation:

There is an ever-increasing need for automation in manufacturing and production industries where a communication link frequently monitors various critical parameters and equipments. Zigbee’s low-latency and low power consumption significantly reduces the communication cost and also enhances the overall control process.

Smart Asset Tracking:

For outdoor asset tracking, cellular combined with GPS is a good option but the only issue with the cellular is that it requires huge amounts of power. Zigbee serves as a perfect solution with its low power consumption.

Smart Grid monitoring:

Apart from above mentioned applications, this wireless technology can be used to effectively manage power grids. With Zigbee, you can detect faults precisely, remotely monitor temperature etc.

The key reason for the popularity of this technology is its affordability. It can be installed in any place of choice. Another key aspect of this technology is its interoperability. This makes Zigbee the most preferred wireless communication technology among others.

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