Scala is a pure object-oriented programming language. Here are some of the reasons that make Scala language a favorite choice for developers.

In today’s agile software development market, you need to keep pace with ever-changing programming languages. Scala is a new generation programming language built on Java Virtual Machine, which is gaining popularity as an alternative to one of the most popular programming language Java.

Scala is not yet as popular as Java but is gradually gaining momentum. As more and more developers have begun to learn Scala inspired by Twitter, Scala’s future looks very bright. Many Enterprises are looking to migrate to Scala from their current platforms.

To begin with, Scala has numerous nifty features which differentiate it from Java, but it has a lot of similarities as well e.g. both Java and Scala languages are based on Java Virtual Machine language, you can code Scala in Java (library) and Scala can make use of any Java library.

Scala was specifically built to express the most common programing patterns in a rich, stylish, crisp manner. Here are some of the reasons that make Scala language a favorite choice for developers:

Seamless integration with Java and .NET

You can integrate Scala with Java and .NET seamlessly. This useful feature of Scala enables programing and interoperability with various other software and codes.


Scala is a pure object-oriented programming language. Some of the prominent features of Scala include Types, Sub-Classing, Classes, Objects, and Inheritance etc. It supports advanced component architectures through classes and traits.

Highly functional

Scala is a full-blown functional programming language. It has everything you would expect from a programming language. Scala features first-class functions, a library with well-organized data structures.

Future ready

Scala is the best-fit when it comes to scalable server software that makes use of simultaneous and synchronous processing, parallel use of multiple cores, and distributed processing in the cloud. These features make it easier to write safe multi-threaded code.

Final words

Scala is the preferred programming language for many critical tasks. The code generated using Scala is on par with Java. Furthermore, the precise typing (type safe feature) clears away many issues at the compile-time itself rather than after deployment.