Nowadays, chatbots are used by several brands in almost every industry to go beyond passive advertisements and engage customers with interactive conversations.

According to recent report from Business Insider, around 80% of companies worldwide want to implement chatbots into their business by 2020. Thanks to its 24/7 support, almost every customer prefers chat over email and phone calls.

Even people without IT knowledge can easily understand a web page creation process. But only a few people can really understand about how to build a bot. This gives us the picture of how complex the process is but this scenario is about to change very soon.

Today, there are several new chatbot platform tools to help you build a chatbot easily. Here are the top 7 platforms on which chatbots are rising.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Similar to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used instant messaging services in the world. Many companies already started using Bots on Facebook messenger platform.

Facebook messenger bots help brands stay in touch with their customers by automatically initiating conversations with customers based on their consent to be contacted.


ChatScript is popularly known as the best chatbot tool. It was initially built to create characters for interactive fiction games by Bruce and Sue Wilcox. Since then, it has evolved rapidly to include many advanced features.

Bruce Wilcon bagged Loebner AI Prize three times for the development of ChatScript. This tool is open-source, based on C and C++, and is publicly available on GitHub.

Telegram Bots

As you might be well aware, Telegram is a free instant messaging service which is used by millions of people worldwide. Telegram has always been the pioneer in adopting technological innovations, so they don’t want to miss on chatbots.

Telegram bots are similar to regular accounts but they are operated by software. With Telegram offering an extensive HTTP-based interface for bot development, you can easily develop and deploy powerful Telegram bots.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft’s bot framework is an open-source, server less, and easy-to-use framework to build chatbots. If you’re a newbie in this chatbots space, then Microsoft Bot Framework is a good place to start. Microsoft has already created a very comprehensive resource for chatbot development. By following these instructions you can build a full-fledged chatbot without much effort.


Pandorabots is a chatbot platform that allows businesses to build and host their own chat bots. It supports AIML, an XML dialect for building natural language software agents. Pandorabots include custom chatbot development, data services, support packages, training, code review, and others.


Chatbots are becoming more and more powerful every day. From small startups to large enterprises, chatbots help save costs and to speed up business processes. If you are looking to build a bot for your business, you can check out the above mentioned platforms. For any queries and information regarding chatbot development, kindly contact us we are always happy to help you.