There are several reasons why you should use Node.js for your next web application development. Node.js has been the preferred choice for developers ever since its launch.

Node.js is an open source cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript. Thanks to its several useful features, Node.js has been a top choice for developers when they consider web application development.

Here are some of key benefits of Node.js that makes it’s a top choice for web application development.

Extremely Fast

Node.js is written in JavaScript and uses V8 engine from Google which makes it extremely fast. Moreover, Node.js makes the code to run much faster thereby increasing any framework’s speed. All you need to do is to write the code properly and Node.js applications will adhere to the steps prescribed.

Ease of Sharing

Node.js encourages code sharing with the help of the NPM (Node Package Manager). NPM includes the repository of about 50,000 packages, which helps in creating effective web solutions. Using this, you can also easily update, share or reuse important codes without much effort.

Real-time Applications

When it comes to real-time applications development, Node.js has been the top choice of developers. With its extraordinary features, it is also a good fit for the apps that need event-based servers. Some of the famous platforms such as PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, etc., are all based on Node.js.

Real-time Data streaming

Usually, HTTP requests and responses are taken as isolated events but they are actual real-time data streaming. Node.js allows real-time data streaming which has several advantages when developing features like- files processing while uploading. This reduces the overall processing time when you are working on real-time audio or video encoding.

Single Codebase

Node.js offers single codebase for JavaScript server-side and client-side coding. This makes it extremely easy for developers to send and synchronize the data between server and client automatically. You can write a web application that runs a single codebase on both client and server, and Node.js will automatically synchronize the data between the two.


From being an open-source platform to having a large community of developers, Node.js has multitude of benefits. It has huge possibilities that you can leverage to build your next robust and scalable web application.