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The manufacturing industry is changing at a fast phase in all perspectives, including technology innovation and deployment, development, industry structural shifts and consumer lifestyle. As a result, OEMs, Design organizations, Technology providers, ICT, Auto component industries and researchers are confronted with ever greater complexity due to increasing numbers of products, evolving technologies, Market shift, increasing pressure to innovate, global supply networks etc.

The Indian automotive industry has the potential to scale up exports to the extent of 35-40% of its overall output over the next 10 years and become one of the major automotive exports hub of the world. The rapid growth of the Indian automotive industry will provide a strong boost to the micro & small and medium scale industries of the country across multiple sectors, the development of which is one of government principal objectives.


Our decade of experience consulting for manufacturing makes us an ideal participant in this Industry Revolution Organised by CII TamilNadu for embarking on the journey towards digital manufacturing.

Being a “Digital Manufacturing Solutions” provider, TVS Next adds value by:

  • Increasing productivity across the shop floor lifecycle with consulting & technology
  • Reduction in down times, owing to planned in-plant maintenance cycles
  • Real-Time access to right information at right time for the right people
  • Maximizing production efficiency in a distributed manufacturing organization
  • Solving challenges arising out of Globalization, Collaboration
  • Maintaining quality whilst accelerating production
  • Economical and optimal production planning

With our solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of manufacturing, we are at the forefront in building automation & digital solutions for our customers.


In its pursuit to foster best in adoption of ” Industry 4.0″, TVS next takes pride to attend the upcoming event held by CII TamilNadu Conference on the theme “Join the Industry Revolution”. The conference is to be held on Tuesday, 29th August 2017 at IIT Madras ( IC & SR ) Campus.

The roadmaps of Industry Revolution would cover the following sessions:

  • Industrial IOT
  • Integrating IoT data
  • creating a competitive edge
  • Challenges for the Human Side of Industrial 4.0
  • Cyber security


Technology advances are blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Intelligent, interconnected systems now seamlessly support activities along the entire value chain. The core of Industry 4.0 is highly intelligent connected systems that create a fully digital value chain. The 4th industrial revolution is enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things. Production processes in all sectors, from high tech to industrial equipment, are being transformed by digital technologies. Leading companies are already integrating these technologies to improve and evolve pillars of their value chain. Industry 4.0 is based on cyber-physical production systems that combine communications, IT, data and physical elements. These systems transform traditional plants into smart factories.

Thus as an enthusiast, TVS Next takes pride to participate, practice and support the Industry 4.0 summit held by CII TamilNadu Conference. We strongly believe that this forum will serve as a robust platform of interaction for key stakeholders in the industry.

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