A typical Software product development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. The processes involved in this describe approaches to a variety of activities that take place during each stage of product development process.

Various stages in software product development:

Requirements Analysis

The first and foremost step in product development is the requirements analysis phase in which major requirements are captured accurately. By analyzing the requirements, you should try to identify risks and offer strategic approaches for avoiding such risks. To keep track of things, all requirements should be documented clearly.

Product Designing

In this phase, all the requirements will be broken down further to estimate the amount of time and resources needed. During this phase, you’ll also identify tools, specific designs and workflows needed for the software product.

Product Development

After analyzing all the requirements and identifying resources, the product development stage begins. In this phase, specific tasks are assigned to each individual with the necessary documentation of the requirements and product designs. It’s always best to keep the client involved during the entire process of development to ensure the product is in line with the client’s requirement.


After successful product development, it has to go through rigorous testing to ensure glitch-free performance. Usually this is done by the Quality Control (QC) team, which will test all the functionalities in the software application. As part of testing, product will undergo User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in which specific users are allowed to test the product.

Production Implementation

After the completion of all the above phases, next step is the production implementation. For a first time deployment, entire database and code repository are deployed but in future only specific changes (updates) needs to be deployed. To ensure smooth deployment and to keep track of activities, it’s best to use software tools.


These are the stages of product development but it may slightly differ from one company to the other. Some companies might have different development processes but the ultimate aim of all is to fulfill client expectations. To deliver a software product that fulfills or exceeds client expectation, it’s always best to invest the necessary time in each stage of product development.