Apple made several announcements at its WWDC 2017 (World Wide developer Conference) on Monday and most importantly it gave some glimpse about its upcoming iOS 11.

It looks like the Cupertino-giant is looking forward to improve the user experience of iOS. iOS 11 was the biggest announcement made by Apple at WWDC 2017. It is aimed at bringing several new features to upcoming iPhones and iPads.

Apple also made announcements related to watchOS 4, tvOS 11 and macOS High Sierra 10.13. But it was iOS 11 that stole the show, with announcements related to improved Siri, redesigned Control Centre, and other new features. Here's an in-depth look at some of the new features that iOS 11 will bring to your iPhones and iPads.

Improved Siri

iOS 11 brings a new and more neutral voice for both genders. Siri also gets a new feature called as ‘on-device learning’. This new feature which is based on machine learning allows Siri to send you predictive notifications, based on what you asked. It will learn all these from what you search and browse on your iPhone. Apple has also stated that this feature is end-to-end encrypted, and will only take advantage on your synced devices.

Redesigned Control Center

Apple has redesigned the Control Center feature in iOS 11 with support for 3D Touch. Now you can use the Volume icon to adjust the volume. Similarly, you can push down the Music interface to control your playlist.

Improved Lock Screen

With iOS 11, the Lock Screen has been improved so that you can see all of your Notifications in one place. You can simply pull the lock screen down from the top of the screen to see all your recent and missed notifications in one place.

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Improved Apple Maps

Apple Maps gets support for indoor mall and airport maps with iOS 11. Now you can see which restaurants are past airport security. Indoor mapping will show you the internal trajectory of a public space like malls and airports in specific cities.

Message Synchronizations

In iOS 11, you can now synchronize your messages across multiple devices. So, if you delete a message in WhatsApp on your iPhone, then it will also get deleted on the synchronized iPad or Mac.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was one of the best new features in iOS 11. It is similar to Samsung Pay and will let you transfer money to your friends. You can open Apple Pay through the Messages app and send money from your debit or credit card. You can also use Siri to pay someone.

Improved Camera App

With iOS 11, the Camera app will now support HEVC high-efficiency video coding. This means the camera now supports up to 2x better compression, without affecting the video quality. You can also edit Live Photos like muting the Live Photos, creating Loops and easily set up Long Exposure. Apart from that, the Photos app will now use a new technology known as the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) which will reduce the file size of every photo without compromising the quality.