Artificial Intelligence and Home automation has seen an incredible rise in popularity as more and more companies are investing heavily in bringing the next big thing in Smart homes industry.

Few year ago, Artificial Intelligence and Smart homes has long been a mainstay of fiction rather than a reality. This trend is quickly changing as this technology is adorning millions of houses across the globe.

Past and Future Trend in Home Automation

In the past, home automation was conceivable only as a programmable thermostat which automatically regulates the ambient temperature or security alarm systems that detect intrusions.

Today, the scenario has changed completely paving way for whole new range of smart home devices. With the current trend in smart homes, house-owners are set to experience a whole new standard of comfort, luxury, and safety. Leading electronic manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony has already entered the home automation space because of its sheer potential and market value.

How AI will Impact Home Automation

In near future, home automation devices will help monitor and minimize energy consumption. Smart gadgets with built-in temperature sensors can help in cooking food with less fuel.

Smart devices can automatically switch off electric devices whenever you are not in the room for predefined time duration

Household devices like smartphones and tablets will become home automation interfaces for controlling smart devices.

Future Mobile apps will have advanced features like educational displays and parental locks that help better control smart home devices.

Advanced IP cameras will boost security standard of homes. Moreover, 4K and 8K cameras with better imaging technologies will help survey empty homes for any intruder entry.

Final Thoughts

The rising popularity of using smart devices in the home encourages companies to deploy sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to manage smart home devices. Having AI-powered smart home device as your assistant will help you exist in the world better by offering you better information and services. Though there is privacy and mining data issues with these devices which we should be wary about, the benefits of these smart home devices far outweigh these scenarios.