Today’s software industry is constantly evolving. Many programing languages that were previously known as cutting-edge just a few years back either look outdated or are entirely redundant today.

Several new programming languages are emerging with an astonishing rate to meet the ever-changing needs of users. A developer needs to stay up-to-date with all new programming languages to stay competitive in the programming field.

The arrival of new programming languages every now and then doesn’t mean the programming landscape is undergoing a massive overhaul. There are some programming languages that have been holding their spot against this onslaught of new ones.

One such promising programming language is JavaScript. Ever since its launch, JavaScript makes it to the list of popular programming languages making it the most preferred choice for developers.

Why JavaScript is considered the holy bible for coders?

According to a recent research by RedMonk, JavaScript is the most popular programming languages, followed by Java, PHP, C# and Python. It shows that JavaScript’s popularity hasn’t diminished even after all these years. Moreover, JavaScript is used by nearly 88% of all websites. Apart from every website, it is also present on mobile sites, games and web applications.

Take a look at some of the benefits of JavaScript that makes it so popular amongst coders:

Easy to Learn

JavaScript’s syntax is similar to simple English language making it easier for developers to learn.

Easy to Use

JavaScript serves both as a frontend and backend coding language which makes the job easier for development teams.

Lower Server Load

In JavaScript, the code is executed on the user’s system instead of the web server. This saves valuable bandwidth and reduces stress on the server.

Third party Extensions

JavaScript’s third party extensions or add-ons help developers write customized snippets for specific web pages.

Relatively fast

With JavaScript, there is no need to fill out an entire form in a website as each field can be validated as it is entered by the users. This provides instant feedback to user if they make a mistake. Without JavaScript, once you enter the submit button, only then you can see if there are any errors.


As mentioned above, there are many reasons that make JavaScript the holy bible or mainstream programming language for developers. If you want to develop single-page web apps, then JavaScript is the most preferred choice. JavaScript is here to stay and it's almost impossible for another language to replace it anytime soon.