If you are a non-programmer, then you might be overwhelmed by a large number of options available today. All programming languages have their pros and cons. It’s up to the developers to pick the right programming language based on their business needs.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a development framework used by developers for providing structure for all the code they write. It helps them to build websites and web applications by simplifying common repetitive tasks.

Reasons to choose Ruby on Rails

One of the key advantages of Ruby on Rails is its ease of use. With RoR, developers do not have to spend several hours configuring files. Ruby on Rails comes with a unique set of conventions to help speed up the development process.

Useful Tools

Ruby on Rails has many handy tools that help you to bring more features in less time. It also provides a standard structure for web apps in which all common patterns are taken care of for you.

High Code Quality

Ruby on Rails has high quality of third party codes which is significantly higher than PHP or NodeJS counterparts.

Test Automation

Ruby on Rails allows test automation which is incredibly beneficial in delivering good quality applications on time.


Ruby on Rails has a wide array of freely available third party modules (gem) for just about anything you can think of.

Large Community Base

Ruby on Rails has one of the largest communities of developers and almost every major city in the world has a Ruby community. It's also one of the most popular programming languages on Github.


Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice for RAD (rapid application development) as it is easy to make changes in Rails. It is also easy-to-use and mostly self-documenting which helps increase productivity. The best way to find out if Rails suits you is to try it out yourself. It will only cost you some time but may help you save countless hours in the future.