Discover how your business can use data insights to succeed
against the competition. Take action on your data to keep current customers and win new ones

In a competitive ecosystem, speed is everything. Robust enterprises rely on rapid decision-making to unlock and sustain growth. Companies struggle with diversity and richness of data being generated as their customers consume products and services digitally. Turning this organization-wide data into actionable insights and leveraging them for faster decision-making and to create personalized experiences is key to future growth of Digital Enterprises

We empower our clients to create a scalable analytics layer for their business using complex, technologies like AI, real-time data ingestion, cognitive computing, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to deliver actionable insights. Data created by customers through their online behaviour and interactions that allow companies to decode customer needs, preferences, sentiments and more.

Our core capabilities in Insights


Deliver cutting-edge data analytics solutions from discovery to execution

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Management
  • Prototyping & Tool evaluation

Functional Drivers

Derive near real-time actionable insights & discovering innovative solutions to business problems

  • Revenue Enablement
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Smarter Business Operations
  • Cost efficiency Optimization
  • Human Capital Performance
  • Risk, Compliance & Fraud Detection


Enable informed decision making, and realize digital capital to enable enterprises disrupt

  • Data lakes & Virtualization
  • Data Warehouse & BI
  • Big Data
  • Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive
    • Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling
    • Predictive & Contextual
    • Face/Object Detection, Image Tagging
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Augmented Maps