Healthcare Application

Pharmacy Management that reduces Re-Admission Rates!

Built for Hospital attached Pharmacies to enhance Care to Patients.

E-Learning Solution

Migration of a Vintage LCMS platform to a Modern architecture

Enhancing user experiences, enabling Collaborative Content Creation.

E-Learning Solution

A Classifieds Portal with Millions of Users!

With a Few Clicks, Access Information that you need from Millions of Listings.

Classified Portal
Logistics & Supply Chain

Robust Real-Time Tracking and Reporting App

Estimate the time of delivery and track the movement of goods in real-time on the go.

Logistics and Supply Chain
Digital Manufacturing

A One-Click Solution for All your Glazing Needs!

An inventive App to determine the most suitable glazing for your home needs.

Digital Manufacturing
Home Maintenance Service

Order a Service for Home Maintenance in a Minute

Helping Customers order Home Maintenance Technicians from an App and pay them based on the rate card.

Digital Maintenance Service