Enterprise Applications

Empowering businesses to scale with automation to build scalability

Build products that brings more growth and business agility

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Improve IT utilization

Maximizing the enterprise IT utilization helps reduce costs. It is achieved by consolidating siloed applications.

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Creating Digital Impact

Quicken the time-to-market by building a digital impact in an agile methodology, and time-effective manner.

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Infrastructure consolidation

Improve enterprise efficiency using proper resource management, data migration tools. This eliminates application silos and helps consolidate multiple workloads.

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Advanced performance insights

Advanced performance insights help harness the most relevant data that delivers maximum business impact.

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Excellent application performance

Enterprise Applications should be easy-to-use and glitch-free to perform on both transactional and analytical workloads on any web-scale system.

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Predictable scalability

Proper planning helps to scale in line with application performance and data growth. It helps in eradicating hefty upgrades and long data migration cycles.

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What do we offer?

Business Process Consulting

Our application integration helps in merging applications, databases and legacy systems across the enterprise. Our business process consulting services offer a structured business process and delivery framework that is in line with your business objectives.

Design and Implementation

Our expertise in deploying innovative technology offers you maximum business benefits and competitive advantage. These are crucial for the success of your business. This process needs deep understanding and skilled customization to meet specific goals.

Build Robust & Scalable Solutions

Today’s businesses need robust and highly scalable Enterprise solutions in order to simplify interactions between various business applications. Our enterprise solutions are both robust and scalable.

MDM & MAM (Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management)

MDM and MAM are the most commonly used technologies for facilitating secure use of smartphone and tablet in enterprises. With these technologies in place, you can securely allow workers to get more work done on their smartphones and tablets.

Why TVS NEXT for Enterprise Applications

TVS Next LogoAt TVS Next, your business objectives are converted to final products by harnessing technology to bring more growth, cost efficiency and business agility. We have worked closely with clients from various domains and have enabled them to determine the right solution for their business. Our enterprise strategy is designed to help large enterprises with complex problems.