Internet of Things

Creating IoT solutions for your custom requirements across business verticals

Increase Business Outcomes with Smart IoT Solutions

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Solution Development

Enhance customer experience and make critical operations more efficient, and secure by developing an effective solution to connected products.

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Intelligent Platforms

Simplify business processes and attain competitive advantage with intelligent platforms.

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Vertical Applications

Set business rules and commands for all the IoT devices and sensors with vertical-specific applications.

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End to End System Integration

Integrate multiple IoT assets with different functionalities, departments and stages in product lifecycle with end-to-end system integration.

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Managed Services and Support

Manage all the IoT device connections and support applications that create new revenue streams with connected devices.

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What do we offer?

Creating delightful customer experiences

With our IoT solutions, capture business insights and better understand your customers, predict upcoming market trends and invent the future. With Machine Learning, teach systems to recognize and respond as programmed, carry out specific commands.

IoT Implementation

Our IoT implementation services include integration and implementation of partner products with machine learning and AI for better accuracy. With Internet of Things Solutions, build workflows that can automate processes and build efficiencies.

IoT Consulting

Our complete suite of IoT framework helps you in areas from understanding business needs to executing the strategy. With our team of IoT consultants, we help you build solutions to empower your organisation. With Natural Language Processing we enable your applications to receive voice based commands and carry out the necessary instructions.

IoT Management

With our intelligence and insights, we enable you to proactively identify issues long before they arise. Boost machine uptime and improve your customer experience with our services. Build Internet of Things applications that track, monitor and send alerts to take the corrective measures.

Why TVS NEXT for Internet of Things (IoT)

TVS Next LogoSince its launch, TVS Next has always worked towards the IoT and the links between smart objects and the Internet. The smart era is here; we no longer try to get the data, analyze and then optimize our solutions instead, we let the device do all the talking and optimizing for you. We bring in a number of smart solutions that make your life easier.