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We listen to stakeholders and understand their business objectives clearly before proceeding. Functional requirements and technology constraints are the main focus in this segment.

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User Research

In a customer-centric market, user research is paramount. We ask questions and learn more about the target audience before proceeding the work.

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Analytics & Discovery

To use the insights effectively, it needs to be evaluated and presented to a larger team. Analysis helps determine specific patterns and possible solutions.

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Wireframes serve as a skeleton that roughly shapes the final product. It gives you a reliable idea about the product which helps to quickly build individual parts.

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Mockups & Prototypes

Mockups are interactive prototypes which are strictly visual where you do brand identity integration and also solidify your visual choices, tryout with variations to make glitch-free drafts.

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Finalize & Code

After pre-development research, UX deliverables should be finalized to start the coding process. Any suggestions like code front-end interaction etc., from stakeholders are considered before the final product delivery.

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What do we offer?


We use innovative designs and best-in-class technology to crack difficult problems. We enrich your essence with innovative ideas and help you expand your possibilities.


With our innovative UI/UX design and analytics, we offer useful insights to enhance user experience. Our fresh designs are designed to evoke emotion to heart and convey value to the mind of the customers.


Our vast suite of web applications, mobile apps, enterprise systems and websites are built to solve problems. It also helps you attract, engage, convert, and retain customers.


Reach your target users with fresh designs, tools, and campaigns that are both efficient and effective. Create metrics, reports to analyze and optimize the designs.

Why TVS Next for UI & UX

TVS Next LogoThe face of your application speaks for you. This is something that we at TVS Next understand thoroughly. We build your applications using the best design framework in the market and the best UI designers available with us. This enables us to provide designs that make your application extremely appealing and simple to use.