Preventing AVoidable Interventions using IoT.

An IoT based Healthcare Solution.

Pavio Care is a patient-centered mobile & IoT application that enables healthcare providers to reduce preventable readmissions for at-risk Diabetes patients. Hospitals require access to real-time and predictive data so that they can make fast and effective decisions.

A Solution Specially Designed for Post Discharge & Transition Care.

The application concentrates on reducing the number of patient readmissions for diabetics. Readmission has been a key problem in the US with close to 40% of the total patients getting re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. US Medicare spends a huge amount YOY on Patient readmissions. Pavio Care through its innovative platform provides scale for physicians and nurses to manage a large pool of patients.

Few vitals captured wirelessly are SYSTOLIC Pressure, DIASTOLIC BP, SPO2 - Blood Oxygen Saturation Level, PR - Heart Pulse Rate, Blood Glucose, and Smart Pill Box Weight.
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Readmissions Rates at 40%

Increase in Readmissions Rates

Challenges in Post Discharge & Transition Care

Lack of Education

Lack of

Lack of Monitoring

Lack of

Lack of Periodic Consult

Lack of
Periodic Consult

Solutions our Product provides

Integrated, behavior-driven,
patient-centric model

Pavio increases patient engagement, including e-mailing, texting, and social media reach.

Communicate with Care Providers Directly

Pavio enables patients to converse securely
(chat & video call) with their care providers.

Provides patients access to self
management tools

Helping patients in their recovery, do's & dont's specific to their condition, approved by caregiver.

Streamline Workflow with Patient Dashboards

Caregivers monitor patient's adherence, they receive notifications for any deviations, severity.

Facilitate monitoring calorie intake, heartbeat, fitness levels

Helping patients monitor their calorie intake & vitals, visually tracking their progress.

Tracking Drug Intake and Trends for better adherence

Pavio captures patient's drug intakes, sends out reminders and helps in adherence.

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Technologies involved

Native Andriod Application

IBM watson

Predictive Analytics

Healthcare Wearables

Twilio for emergency triggers

Companion Robot

Natural Language Processing

Intel Edison/Raspberry Pi

Intelligent Chat(ChatBot)

Block Chain