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An IoT based Healthcare Solution.

Rufahia is a revolutionary patient-centric mobile & IoT application to develop sustainable healthcare solutions for chronic illness patients.

An early detection and preventive care solution for managing and improving health of patients with Chronic diseases.

The application concentrates on early detection and preventive care solution for managing and improving the health of patients with chronic diseases. It empowers patients by capturing vitals, providing cognitive prescriptive measures to manage primary care and coordinating for any threshold breaches.

Few vitals captured wirelessly are SYSTOLIC Pressure, DIASTOLIC BP, SPO2 - Blood Oxygen Saturation Level, PR - Heart Pulse Rate, Blood Glucose, and Smart Pill Box Weight.
Rufahia Health Dashboard
Rufahia Temperature
Rufahia Blood Glucose
Rufahia Medicine
Rufahia Add Pocket
Rufahia View All Blocks
Rufahia Vital Block
Rufahia Routine Block
Rufahia - Making healthcare patient centric

Solutions our Product provides

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

It’s based on gamification and it provides measures to improve adherence to patient’s routines, especially reducing consumption of tobacco and improving nutrition and medicine intake.

Block Chain Layer

This app is wrapped with robust block chain layer to take care of authorization needs by creating “Smart Health-Patient Profile? to secure, store, report and exchange Electronic Health Record.

Rufahia Bot

It has the facility to interact and provide real-time recommendations to solve any primary care query without having to consult an actual physician.

Rufahia Hub

It has an IoT open device and application-agnostic design for maximum device integration and flexibility that gives agility to capture vitals seamlessly using Patient AT-Home Medical Devices.

Data Access

Rufahia can access different blocks of data from patients. By using Block chain as distributed electronic ledger, it helps in managing Identity, fraud prevention and protects personal health data.

Track Diet Plans

Rufahia makes it easy to get and track diet plan of patients based on their food recommendations.

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Technologies involved

Native Andriod Application

IBM watson

Predictive Analytics

Healthcare Wearables

Twilio for emergency triggers

Companion Robot

Natural Language Processing

Intel Edison/Raspberry Pi

Intelligent Chat(ChatBot)

Block Chain