Data Visualization

Improved Decision Making with Graphic Reports for all Departments

VISIVO - A cloud-based analytics platform

Wouldn’t you like a comprehensive business analytics platform that is based in the cloud? Visivo is your key to intuitive digital dashboards, digital visualization and detailed enterprise reporting to receive consistent analysis. Through Visivo, reduce costs, improve key data mining process, and enjoy the freedom to choose insights that are imperative to your business.

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Save reporting time

Improve timeliness and accuracy of the reports with a holistic approach.

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Better visibility

Reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) by identifying key issues in each department.

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Real time data

Access business reports from anywhere, anytime through the cloud-based app.

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Automated reports

Reduce workload by automating your reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Plugs into any database

Works with your current databases and customizable as per your needs.

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Visual insights

Make business decisions faster with visual graphs and charts.

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What do we offer?

Mobile Business Intelligence

VISIVO offers a complete business analytics platform including prolific visualization, customizable executive dashboards and detailed enterprise reporting on most platforms so you can receive consistent business analytics experience across your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Data Integration

VISIVO data integration prepares and blends data to create a holistic overview of your business to drive actionable insights. With visual tools to eliminate coding and complexity, we put big data at the fingertips of business and IT users alike.