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SCM - Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Route Optimization | Capacity Planning | Cost Optimization

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Capacity Planning

Capacity planning helps you control storage and travel routes based on several parameters.

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Resource Management

Efficient and effective deployment of your resources like storage, inventory planning, driver availability etc., helps you meet demands without much effort.

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Real Time Visibility

Real Time Visibility offers advanced tracking data to track the movement of goods in real time. It helps your company in improving day-to-day operations.

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Real Time Analytics

Track your fleet’s current locations, time taken for deliveries, estimate delays based on the current fleet location. Get delivery confirmations on the go, plan your routes based on additional packages to be picked or dropped off.

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Detailed Reports

Get detailed info about the delivery statuses, fleet operations, revenue, costs, etc. It helps you organize and keep track of all the activities of the company.

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API Integration

If you are using a CRM or an ERP, an API can feed data into that system to quickly track deliveries, payments etc. This reduces the time required for processing invoices, delivery confirmations etc.

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Key Features

Supplier Relationship Management

Fleet Management (IoT)

Warehouse Management

Dispatch Tracker

POD Management

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