Cordova is an easy-to-use framework for building apps

Cordova Development

Cordova is an easy-to-use framework for building apps in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. If you are familiar with those three languages, shared user experiences could help you achieve 100% code-sharing across platforms.

Why Cordova?

The flexibility and versatility provided by Cordova includes a wide range of APIs for different mobile functionalities such as camera, contacts, accelerometer, compass, file geo-location, notifications, network and storage. There are numerous developer-friendly tools available in Cordova like a plug-in interface and embedded web-view which makes it a preferred choice.

With Cordova, you can build your app once and run everywhere. Cordova is a cross-platform framework with distinctive features that helps in building native apps for iOS, and Android with one code.
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  • Easy to Use

  • Cross-Platform Compatible

  • Increases Profitability

  • Improves Performance

  • Less Time-to-Market

  • Cost Effective

Cordova Development Services

  • Cordova Consulting

  • Cordova App Development

  • Cordova Support

  • Cordova App Testing and Migration

  • Cordova Mobile Enablement

  • Cordova App Integration

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