Ionic Framework App Development

Ionic is basically an HTML5 framework

Ionic Framework App Development

The Ionic framework allows developers create highly interactive, cross-platform mobile applications that can be installed across different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles.Ionic is basically an HTML5 framework and it needs a native wrapper like Cordova or PhoneGap to run as a native app.

Why Ionic Framework?

Ionic framework has numerous built-in CSS and JS components that cover most of the essential things which are needed for mobile application development.Some of these components include navigation, buttons, tabs, sliding menu, sliding boxes, form inputs, and many more. Ionic’s default style is highly intuitive, smooth and you can customize it as per your need by simply adding predefined CSS classes.

Ionic Framework is the leading HTML5 mobile advancement system and is growing at an incredible pace. If you are planning to build your next mobile app, then it is highly recommended to explore Ionic since it has lot of features which can fulfill your business and technical needs.
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Features and Benefits

Open Source

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Clean UI

Built On AngularJS

Faster Time-to-Market

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