LoRa is a Long Range communication technology


LoRa is a Long Range communication technology that uses unlicensed spectrum below 1GHz to provide signal detection below the noise level. LoRa is specially built for IoT devices which require low power and wide area network coverage. It is a unique wireless communication technology which allows sending data at extremely low data-rate to long ranges.

Why LoRa?

LoRa has wide range coverage and can be used in faraway rural areas. Moreover, LoRa is good in both building and ground penetration. This allows quick access to the devices that are located far away.

LoRa has a wide range of applications ranging from utility metering, to longer distance industrial and environmental sensor networks. Moreover, LoRa is not platform dependent which means it can work with any microcontrollers or computers with Raspberry PI, Arduino etc.
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Features and Benefits

Higher range of coverage

Lower cost

Wide range of applications


High efficiency

Better productivity

LoRa Development Services

  • Gateway and network management

  • Sensor lifecycle management

  • Data routing

  • Third party integration

  • LoRa network management

  • LoRa Deployment

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