PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used for creating Web pages


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used for creating Web pages, and can be embedded in HTML code. It is an open-source program available for free on the Web. PHP is a cross-platform compatible and can be used across many platforms, such as Unix system, Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Why PHP?

PHP is cross-platform compatible and we leverage this feature by offering extensive database support for all popular OS like Solaris, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

Nowadays, even large companies are facing the threat of hackers and PHP is widely known for its ability to offer the ultimate security against malicious attacks.We offer hack-proof solutions for PHP to avert any kind of security threat.
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Features and Benefits

Reliable and Secure

User Friendly

Less time to Market

Flexibility and Scalability

Cost efficient

Simple and easy to learn

Open Source and Free

Speed and Stability

Object oriented

Cross-Platform Compatible

Highly Secure

PHP Development Services

  • Custom PHP application/product development

  • Responsive web development using PHP frameworks

  • PHP and flash/flex integration

  • Custom PHP programming and scripting

  • Porting and migration of existing application

  • Dynamic website development

  • PHP based web application development

  • Python and integration services

  • PHP and active directory integration services

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