Zigbee’s low power consumption significantly reduces the communication cost


Zigbee wireless technology is a low-cost and low-powered mesh network widely used for controlling and monitoring applications.Zigbee communication system is less expensive and simpler than the other proprietary short-range wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Why Zigbee?

Due to its advantages like low cost and low power operating modes and its topologies, Zigbee wireless communication technology is best suited for several applications as compared to other proprietary wireless communication technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.

Zigbee’s low-latency and low power consumption significantly reduces the communication cost and also enhances the overall control process. Apart from above mentioned applications, Zigbee can be used to effectively manage power grids. With Zigbee, you can detect faults precisely, remotely monitor temperature etc.
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  • Rapid innovation

  • Extremely Low cost

  • Open standards enable markets

  • Easy to deploy

  • Low power consumption

  • Secure data transfer

Zigbee Development Services

  • Hardware design and development

  • Embedded application development

  • Smart metering

  • Home automation

  • Zigbee Application development

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