12 Customer Experience Trends that are ruling in 2020

Brinda Sereno

November 3, 2020

The world is constantly changing. You need to keep improvising in order to be competitive in the market. One of the principal aspects of improvisation is to gauge customer experience (CX). CX is going to be the defining factor in the future. Let us look at 12 Customer Experience trends that are ruling in 2020.

Mobile is the way to go

There was a time in the world when you needed computers to browse the internet. Subsequently, we had a time when websites had to be mobile friendly in order to be successful. Today, we’ve come a full circle with web developers creating websites, exclusively, to be browsed on mobile phones. The day has come when websites finally have to be computer friendly instead of being mobile friendly.

Bots are replacing people everywhere

Speaking with a customer service executive used to be a great pleasure – not very long ago. “Used to”, because as you read this article right now, thousands of customer service executives are being replaced by bots. Today, you have companies investing heavily in artificial intelligence and using bots for handling customer complaints. So, you do not know who is there at the other end of your Live Chat window.

Standing in long queues to pay your bills is one way out 

Standing in queues to pay for your shopping bills will soon become obsolete. Amazon has already taken the lead with their Amazon Go concept where all you have to do is to pick up the object of your choice and walk out from the store. They use Artificial Intelligence to determine the product you have chosen and thus bill your account directly. All you have to do is ensure that you have enough funds in your account.

IoT will make Data Analytics very easy

Today, it is possible to connect more gadgets and appliances to the internet. Ergo, you are able to understand customer behavior better, thereby putting you in a better position to interact with them in a smooth manner. This can help the manufacturers understand how customers use their products. Hence, they can make the necessary improvisations to the products.

Voice Controlled home assistants making life easier

With each passing day, our memory is becoming weaker. Mobile phones and other electronic equipment obviate the need for remembering trivial things like phone numbers. Voice controlled personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant have made things simpler for us. It has now become easy for us to order these assistants to guide us to the nearest restaurant or make a call to our beloved without even touching our phone.

Judge emotions of people while interacting with them

You have seen bots replacing humans at the other end of your Live Chat window. This bot at the other end is a smart fellow. Judging your emotions from the tone and language you use is now possible. In case it becomes difficult for it to handle the matter, it has the capacity to transfer your call to the human customer service executive.

Track people real-time

GPS and Bluetooth have revolutionized communications a great deal. GPS allows you to judge the location of your customer thereby enabling you to target him in a better manner. You can send notifications directing him to your nearest retail outfit and thus convert such leads into business.

Reduce human errors a great deal

Robots use AI to do a variety of jobs even today. Their importance in the medical field is well known. Robots have assisted in various critical surgeries thereby reducing human errors a great deal. This trend is only going to improve in the future.

Personalized services are possible

AI helps you judge people’s preferences and helps businesses alter the way they deal with such customers. Based on your previous experiences, it is now possible to offer you things the customer prefers to have without asking for it. The entertainment and the hospitality industry can use this CX factor a great deal.

Easier conversion of leads

The latest technology has made it easier for the business to expect their customers to behave in a certain fashion. This enables you to understand your customer better and thus able to offer him a better deal. Naturally, you convert such leads into business easily.

Making it simpler for the customer

There are various aspects of customer service that begin after the customer makes the purchase. Integrating them into a compact service is now possible depending on the previous experiences of each customer. Thus you are able to do away with unnecessary bottlenecks and make it simpler for your customer to deal with you.

Secure the payments

Technology is available where the customers can directly scan the barcode and make the payment without having to swipe their credit or debit cards. This provides for a greater degree of security to the customer.


You have seen 12 new CX trends that are going to rule 2020. The main objective of all these CX trends is to make it easier for the customer. The customer has never had such an easy time ever in the history of forever.



Brinda Sereno

Associate Vice President - Consulting

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