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Massive cyber-attack has swept the globe last week in which more than 300,000 computers have been infested by WannaCry ransomware. Even as the world is yet to fully recover from that, security experts have now identified a new form of malware known as “EternalRocks” that is even more dangerous than WannaCry. It is considered to be a successor to the WannaCry malware.

This new EternalRocks worm exploits the same SMB (Server Message Block) vulnerability in Windows operating systems that helped WannaCry spread like wildfire. It also uses codes from powerful NSA hacking tool known as “EternalBlue” for spreading to other computers.
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In its current form, EternalRocks doesn’t lock or corrupt files, or use the infected computers to build a botnet; rather it leaves the infected computers susceptible to remote commands that could weaponize the infection at any time.

EternalRocks is even more stronger and dangerous than WannaCry because it doesn’t have any flaws, including the kill switch that a researcher exploited by to help contain the WannaCry outbreak. EternalRocks worm uses a 24-hour activation delay to thwart efforts to study or contain it.

In the past 10 days, a wave of cyber-attacks has rendered companies helpless around the globe. First it was WannaCry ransomware, for which Microsoft released a security patch in March, 2017. It encrypted files on infected computers and demanded ransom for unlocking those files.
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Researchers have found a loophole in WannaCry which made it easier to slow and circumvent. After that, another type of malware named as “Adylkuzz�? quietly started generating Monero- a type of cryptocurrency from infected computers.

Thousands of computers were affected globally by the new Adylkuzz attack which slowed down the infected computers only to generate Monero cryptocurrency in the background.

Now, a new and even more dangerous form of malware known as EternalRocks is spreading. So, it is better to turn on automatic updates on your Windows computer or have the latest update installed manually on your Windows computer. We encourage you to install all the latest patches and updates provided by Microsoft as soon as possible to protect your system from malwares.

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