How Mobility is transforming B2C Business Models.

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There is a silent revolution happening out there which is changing the face of marketing strategies and user experiences. This revolution is mobile and connects with consumers anywhere, anytime.  Corporates and consumers alike are aware that smartphones are in the midst of an unprecedented boom. Mobile manufacturers are competing with each other to introduce mobiles with upgraded technology. To leverage on this palm sized device, enterprises are looking to increase their business value and connect with their customers in an innovative and user friendly manner.

In 2017, two third of organizations considered tapping the mobility sector as their top priority. Are they hitting the right button and mining the gold? Statistics have a different story to narrate. 48% of the organizations are unable to exploit the advantages of mobility due to lack of coherent strategy. Organizations who are at a nascent stage of their mobile development game plan have their plates filled with technology standards, data, security challenges, application development and augmenting user experience, leave alone staying abreast of competitors.

With organizations pumping dollars and resources in to the mobility segment, it is imperative that they ensure the highest visibility for their mobile app. So, what requires an organization to fit in to the other 52% basket of successful mobile business models?

  • Innovation leads the way – the app must provide the customer tangible benefits by increasing user experiences
  • Identify your target – It is important to develop an app keeping the target audience in mind. The focus is sharper this way
  • User friendly design – A complicated app with rich features defeats the purpose. Customers can get intimidated with its complexness. Emphasis must be on UI and platform design to augment user experiences
  • Pin down the platform – Choose Hybrid platform when the focus is on the functionality of the app. Opt for a Native platform when the focus is on UI/UX
  • Integrate Data Analytics tool – Data sciences help in scalability and future updates of the app
  • Quality assure the product – Test the app before it is released into the market. This helps eliminate bugs
  • Capture metrics – Helps in post data analysis of consumer behavior


How mobility transforms business models

TVS Next worked with a leading B2C online local service provider in India to help a billion plus users connect with the right service provider, in the swiftest, smartest and user friendly manner. A mammoth traffic of over 20 million visitors per month, over 16 million user transactions, 4 million business listings and promotions had to be concisely brought in to a mobile. A robust mobile strategy with meticulous deployment was required to maintain the flawless business transactions that the company had built with a bond of trust and security.

There was a requirement for a plethora of services to be available in the dashboard. The app facilitated the customers to search and view various services offered and also select a particular service.

Some innovative solutions that worked just right for the customers were:

        • Easy search interface to quickly navigate to local needs
        • A rapid click through form to provide need based details and to get the right businesses to call you
        • Get quick updates on the businesses as per your need, directly on the dashboard and through SMS
        • Track all interactions with the businesses on the dashboard
        • Shortlist businesses of interested for a quick reference later
        • Seamlessly move from website to app and vice versa. Single registration and one window for all transactions

We would like to hear from you about your achievements and challenges you have faced while planning transformation for your organization and customers.


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