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With tens and thousands of apps in the Play Store, finding the best Android apps is tedious. Be it a new browser or a weather app, there are always dozens of apps available in the PlayStore. Thus, we’ve curated the top Android apps for every purpose, and compiled only the best of them into one list. We have also listed some of the top performing iOS apps.


WhatsApp has now become free for all users. It lets you send and receive free text messages, pictures, GIFs, videos and voice messages. If you have a tablet, laptop or desktop you can use WhatsApp Web for synching messages between your Android smartphone and computer.


It is for instant messaging between colleagues. Slack is much easier to follow than a long email thread where many people reply to different messages all at once. It also comes with GIF support which is an added advantage.


Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing App. It has numerous gorgeous photo filters to style your photos. Share your photos to your friends and get update from your friends whenever they post a picture.


When it comes to browser, there’s no dearth of options but Opera Mini is one of the most useful browsers. It comes with a number of data-saving features which saves your precious mobile data. A recent update has also added a nifty ad blocker feature to it to further improve the online browsing experience.


Prisma app has literally taken the PlayStore by storm when it launched a few months back. The idea behind it is to turn your photos into artworks, almost instantly. Just load a picture, and then select an art illustration. Prisma will convert your pic into an artwork instantly.


SoundCloud is not just the same old music player. It is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform with several million commercial tracks and unique user-generated music which that makes it special. It also has a buzzing community of musicians and artists.


Flipboard app turns your social media feeds into a constantly updating magazine. It displays latest updates from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc., in a beautiful grid-based design. It also as the ability to add content from specific RSS feeds.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that supports almost all video formats? VLC is a kind of media player which aims to play every video format you’ll ever encounter. If you source your movies from different locations, VLC will be one of the most useful apps on your phone or tablet.


With CamScanner app, you can scan any documents and send as Digital Attachment using your Android phone. Currently, CamScanner is the best Document scanning and Sharing App in the Play Store. It uses your Android phone’s camera to scan Documents like receipts, notes, invoices, etc.


Tiny Flashlight is a must have for everyone who wants to use their android phone as a Torch light. Tiny Flashlight app offers different light sources like Warning Lights, Police Lights, Camera Light etc.


In the world of Android, there is no shortage of apps. The apps mentioned above tops the chart when it comes to popularity. These apps will help make your life easier.

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