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Data Engineering for a Leading Retailer

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Data Engineering for a Leading Retailer

Our client is a leading retailer with hundreds of locations spread across the country. With 30+ years of long-standing experience in managing exceptional stores and providing unmatched experiences to their customers, our client is a renown brand.

How Did It All Start

The client offers multiple benefits for customers such as loyalty rewards programs, special discounts, and gift cards. In addition to their physical locations, they also run a digital store. As with any major retailer, the client runs multiple promotions and discount programs seasonally, and also regularly. For these promotions to be activated, they needed to be configured in the system. Configuring the new programs took a long time, and the client didn’t have the manpower to work on this module. The client also faced challenges with understanding their data and were unable to harness it to derive actionable insights from it. Hence, they approached TVS Next.

What was done

TVS Next worked on the promotions and discounts module that was configured, implemented, integrated, and deployed within the client’s point of sale application that kept track of accounts, opening and closing, receipts and inventory. The client is now able to quickly configure and run multiple offers simultaneously and seamlessly at all of their locations. 

We worked on the reports module and helped the client to aggregate and make visual reports from their data. In addition to being a retailer, the client is also a supplier of inventory to multiple stores. TVS Next worked on the admin tools that keep track of the supply and inventory. For several years now, TVS Next has been working on enhancement of multiple modules and tools for the client.

User Journey

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