Data Platform Modernization Needs for Intelligent Businesses

Data Platform Modernization Needs for Intelligent Businesses

Leverage the power of data to drive your company’s digital transformation journey

Leverage the power of data to drive your company’s digital transformation journey

Technology is evolving at never before seen speeds. Organizations, big and small, are struggling to keep up with the challenges accompanying this rapid technological advancement. Buying more storage or tools to process and store data might seemingly be a great solution. But it doesn’t solve the problem in the long-run. As data needs gets more complex, and as the industry needs become more diverse, can your current solutions step up to the plate?

Every organization deserves to achieve their true potential by harvesting the power of their data. For this, they need to undergo a complete digital transformation, and this first step is where most organizations struggle. How to ensure that the solution your organization is choosing for these problems will yield results not just in the near future, but will also withstand the test of time, and adapt to the ever-changing industry needs? This whitepaper will answer all these questions, and more.

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The Big Data Opportunity

A Gartner trend predicts that business value could be increased by a factor of 2.6x simply by shifting data to a core function and involving Chief Data Officers in setting business goals and strategies.

Why leverage TVS Next

At TVS Next, we don’t look at digital transformation as a single project. Our unique 3-dimensional approach to data modernization is guaranteed to transform how enterprises utilize their data.

Experiences Needs

Every business is unique, and therefore requires a strategy that’s envisioned especially for their needs. This begins from understanding the data landscape of that company, designing a scalable system, deploying tools that fit the company’s requirements to a T, and providing measurable results more than anything.

Engineering Needs

Along with being able to provide quality data in real-time, the system must also be sturdy enough to handle varying load capacities and have automated data pipelines for data processing.

Intelligence Needs

Despite meeting the experience and the engineering needs, if the system isn’t intelligent, the analyzed data goes to waste. Organizations need a system that provides visibility into what matters, and adapts to changes that are made in the long run.

Challenges Facing Enterprises in Data-Driven Transformation

Lack of defined budget

Low technology maturity

Legacy systems

Dearth of talent

Cultural resistance

Confusing tooling

No ROI visibility

Immediate Outcomes; Long-term Impact

Digital transformation with focus on data will empower organizations to understand their business better and drive insightful decision-making. Not to mention, the added advantage of being able to see results of data-driven business changes in real-time visuals.

At TVS Next, we believe that every organization has the right to unshackle themselves from legacy systems full of meaningless data clumps, unleash the full potential of their data, and become disruptors in their industry.

We at TVS Next can help you build an efficient digital eco-system that leverages big data and gives you a competitive advantage

In this whitepaper, learn about

What makes building digital eco-system cumbersome

How a 3-dimensional approach helps with successful data modernization

Why should you take the leap into digital transformation and big data

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